INNovative Cost Improvements for
BALANCE of Plant Components
of Automotive PEMFC Systems

INN-BALANCE Video: A better fuel cell degradation model for greater durability & efficiency of FCs in FCEVS

Dr. Attila Husar talks about his work in INN-BALANCE on defining a degradation model for fuel cells based on catalyst degradation mechanisms.

The goal in INN-BALANCE is to get greater insights on the effects of running a fuel cell in a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in order to be able to define improved operation strategies that enhance efficiency and durability.

Through examining the changes of the plantinum catalyst's radius and quantity one can estimate the Electrochemical Surface Area (ECSA) inside the fuel cell. Determining the size of this area is paramount to calculating the durability of the fuel cell and its ability to keep the hydrogen reaction at optimum performance.

Find out more about catalyst degradation mechanisms in the video!