INNovative Cost Improvements for
BALANCE of Plant Components
of Automotive PEMFC Systems

INN-BALANCE 4th Newsletter

This edition presents to you an interview with AVL developer Jan Schmidt about the THDA, the innovative fuel cell monitoring method used in INN-BALANCE, a progress report about the work on the cathode subsystem and the fuel cell system tests and integration into a vehicle powertrain, which are currently being prepared.

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Since our last newsletter a lot has been happening in INN-BALANCE. First of all, we have a new partner on board, the China Euro Vehicle Technology AB (CEVT) of the Geely group. CEVT will integrate the components designed by INN-BALANCE into its vehicle platform, once the components as well as associated software have been tested individually and on system level at the Powercell labs. The embedding of components into a prototype vehicle will mark the last and most decisive step of the project. It will prove, whether the Balance of Plant components are ready for serial production and their use in commercial cars. Find out more about CEVT and their contribution to INN-BALANCE in this edition’s partner presentation (p.3) and in the INN-BALANCE outlook report (p.5).

Meanwhile, the testing of individual components continues. The fuel cell stack control unit, for example, is currently put to test at the premises of partner AVL. The control unit developed by them will be the first ever on-board diagnosis device for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. Curious to find out more about the features of the control unit and the role harmonics plays in it? Read the interview with AVL developer Jan Schmidt (p.3-4).

Last but not least, the partners BROSE, DLR, Celeroton and PowerCell provide an update on the cathode subsys-tem. In this edition’s progress report they explain why keeping a desired mass flow of oxygen at a particular refer-ence humidity to the FC stack is important for the entire functioning of the FC system.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Thank you for your interest in INN-BALANCE.