INNovative Cost Improvements for
BALANCE of Plant Components
of Automotive PEMFC Systems

INN-BALANCE 2018 video retrospect

The new year being just around the corner, it is time to look back on the work INN-BALANCE achieved in 2018! In this video, coordinator Dr. Alicia Arce from Fundacion Ayesa gives insight into major milestones accomplished & new challenges ahead in developing BoP components for cost-efficient FCEVs.

This time we have a special news edition for the end-of-the-year project retrospect. Dr. Alicia Arce, coordinator of INN-BALANCE from Fundacion Ayesa, takes a look back on 2018's milestones in this video message. 2019 will be an exciting and challenging year for INN-BALANCE as the testing of the developed components will continue. Stay tuned for more news about the testing in 2019!

Meanwhile, the INN-BALANCE team would like to wish all followers of the project joyful Christmas holidays and a Happy New Year.