INNovative Cost Improvements for
BALANCE of Plant Components
of Automotive PEMFC Systems

INN-Balance web application

Cost evaluation web application

Project partner Fundación Ayesa developed an open access web application  allowing to better understand the benefits of manufacturing-oriented design, an approached followed within the project to decrease the manufacturing costs and pave the way for the mass-manufacturing of the INN-BALANCE components.

Results are presented in the form of relative costs. The user can choose between four different categories, system, anode, cathode and thermal, referring to the three main BoP modules developed in the frame of INN-BALANCE. Categories are based on information collected from the project partners. The different indicators allow to have a better understanding of the relation between purchased and manufactured components, the share of a specific module cost in the total system cost and the distribution of costs within single module. This application also allows project partners to estimate the costs of mass production.

The application is freely accessible and can be used by clicking on the following link: