Fundación Ayesa

Fundación Ayesa is a non-profit organization promoted by Ayesa, whose objective is to generate and transfer knowledge in a broad range of engineering and technology areas, such as information society, natural resources sustainability, civil infrastructures, industry, energy, telecommunications and architecture.

AYESA is a leading Spanish engineering group with a total turnover over US$300 million and 3.500 employees, providing integrated services related to multidisciplinary engineering, architecture, consultancy and information technology. The company has an innovative philosophy and uses its own know-how to develop pioneer projects which are tailored to customer needs offering high added value to the market. In broad terms, AYESA has experience in designing more than 200 industrial manufacturing plants, developing more than 30 complete EPC projects, 15 works in oil refineries, 30 fermentation plants with its own technology, 40 desalinations, urban and industrial effluents, water treatment plants and more than 20 renewable energy plants. Specifically, AYESA consulting and outsourcing issue the 43% of Spanish homes and electricity billing for 12 million customers, and is in charge of education and telematics services for 9,600 schools, technology infrastructure management of 30 hospitals, more than 200,000 annual telematics health appointments and e-learning services for over 60,000 students.

Contribution to INN-BALANCE:

Fundación Ayesa coordinates the INN-BALANCE project. On the technological side of the project Fundación Ayesa is involved in the development of a low-cost sensorization system based on state estimations and the optimization of the manufacturing oriented designs.


Fundación Ayesa
Avd. Marie Curie 2 | PCT Cartuja | 41092 Sevilla, Spain