INNovative Cost Improvements for
BALANCE of Plant Components
of Automotive PEMFC Systems


Find out why temperature is key for keeping the water in a fc system at optimum level in this video with Dr. Johannes...

Optimum temperature for maximum performance: The INN-BALANCE control strategy for water balance in the fc system



INN-BALANCE’s ambition is to boost hydrogen mobility by developing a new generation of highly-efficient fuel cell Balance of Plant (BoP) components. These components will add up to an innovative fuel cell system and hence greatly improve the efficiency and the reliability of fuel cell powered vehicles, while reducing their cost.

INN-BALANCE integrates the latest trends in fuel cell vehicle technology into the development of:

INN-BALANCE addresses these technical developments with high focus on cost optimization and manufacturing processes. Alternative supply chains, automotive procedures and quality ranges are also considered to provide competitive components.

As the efficiency of fuel cell powered vehicles depends on all components of the system being well-adjusted, INN-BALANCE also works on the smart integration of the newly developed components. Therefore, the automotive fuel cell stack, with its novel components, will finally be incorporated into a vehicle powertrain to test its drivability, durability and performance.

INN-BALANCE is funded for three years (2017-2019) by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking in the framework of the European Union's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.



In order to achieve industrialized-ready components, a simulation of supply chains and manufacturing processes will be implemented during the project. The design will hence take jointly into account different aspects, such as product specifications, alternative materials, number of pieces, and shapes. This will result in cost optimized components.



INN-BALANCE will not only deliver high-performance fuel cell Balance of Plant components, but will also contribute to accelerate fuel cells commercialization for automotive application in Europe, facilitating the market take-off of fuel cell vehicles.

  • INN-BALANCE optimized BoP components will have lower production costs & longer life-cycles, increasing the technology’s reliability, durability and competitiveness.
  • A standardized platform of BoP components and requirements for European equipment manufacturers will be provided. On this basis, a secure and competitive supply chain, facilitating the development of consistent business concepts for Europe’s automotive industry, will be established.

By developing low-cost and reliable solutions for fuel cells vehicles, INN-BALANCE will help to create highly qualified job opportunities in Europe. Altogether, INN-BALANCE achievements in improving fuel cells will benefit climate protection and energy security.